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Flexible Service plans



  • Vehicle Inventory Management

  • ODO-based Reminders

  • Standard Reportng

  • Client Scheduled Slick Services

  • Pay-as-you-go Services


$9/MO per Vehicle

  • Concierge Onboarding

  • Telematics Integration

  • Use Any Shop

  • Single Consolidated Service Bill

  • Custom Reporting

  • Streamlined Approval Process

  • Fuel Card Integration

  • OEM Service Schedules

  • Multi-trigger Reminders


FrOM $169 a Month

  • Automatic Slick PM Dispatching

  • Automatic Repair Dispatching

  • All Parts and Labor Included

  • Cleanings

  • Driver App

  • Driver Inspection

  • Nationwide Roadside

  • Tag and Title Serice


Contact Us

  • Custom Solutions Based On Unique Needs and Requirements 

  • Custom Part Pool Counts

  • Increased Service Intervals

Get Started

Getting STarted with
Slick is Simple

Number 1
Number 2
Number 3

Upload your Fleet Vins

Choose service level 

Slick Goes to Work

Slick’s onsite, after-hours, all-inclusive, 100% mobile, managed maintenance offering provides for a worry-free, automated way to manage your fleet so you and your team can focus on the main things.


Help us understand the composition of your fleet.

Slick launches managed services within one week of sign-up if you are in a market we currently service.  Slick launches new markets within 60 days.  

Option #1: ORGANIZE

Option #2: MANAGE

Option #3: AUTOMATE

Option #4: CUSTOM

50% Off
-Add additional features
to your bundle like roadside service, telematics etc.
-Choose your time windows for service.
Engage the Slick Sales and Onboarding Team

Thanks! We’ll be in touch within 12 hours.

custom Package
Case STudy

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36 month term

-30 Vehicles
-Contracted Service Provider in
Boston, Massachusetts

Subscription Bundle Includes: 

  • Monthly Inspection (includes fluid top off, as-needed tire rotation, digital report) 

  • TruView software subscription and fleet management portal with alerting, inspection and job data and photos and receipts 

  • Flexible scheduling - shifts available 24/7-all work performed at terminal

  • PMs every 5000 miles (full synthetic) 

  • All OEM service table services (includes all parts, labor, fluids, fees) 

  • Unlimited brake pads (includes labor) 

  • 6 tires per year (includes labor) 

  • Roadside assistance 

  • Spare parts pool 

*Tires and brakes are pooled and can be applied to any vehicle in the fleet 

*Wear items (lights, mirrors, glass, suspension, batteries, etc.)will be fixed and billed accordingly with your approval 

*Labor billed at $165 per hour, parts at cost + 10% for work delivered outside of items included within Slick’s managed service 

*Pricing is based on vehicles driving 40 miles per day, 6 days a week.

See the Full Case Study

"Our fleet is our business, but finding high-quality, pro-active onsite

maintenance providers that can perform full service is impossible so we CSPs are stuck driving our

vehicles to local ”mom and pop” shops, only to wait, sometimes

weeks, on repairs. We are thrilled

to have found Slick." 

We excel at Optimizing Fleets that work the "last Mile"...

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