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  • We home garage our fleet. What options do we have?
    Many of our clients home garage. We can either come to your drivers’ homes or aggregate service visits during team meetings or company events.
  • I want to sign up but some/all of my fleet are not located in a market where Slick offers mobile services?
    No problem. We’ve designed TruView with you in mind, and you can still take advantage of every other TruView feature. We are constantly expanding and adding markets based on the needs of fleets we work with.
  • I own my fleet outright. What is the best Slick service for me?
    Unless you’re in the business of maintaining your own fleet, yes, it makes perfect sense to let Slick automate your fleet maintenance so you can stay focused on your business.
  • Do you warranty your work?
    We stand behind all of our work and will remedy any issue related to the quality of our work if that happens. Our technicians take pictures/videos of all work and upload them into TruView so our customers can see the work we do. We seek to be honest and transparent with our customers, always. Our standard warranty for parts and labor is found here. We also offer optional hazard warranties on all tires.
  • Do you use contractors or Slick employees?
    All work is done by W-2'd employees who are trained on our products and protocols. In addition, we are fully invested in them encouraging them and providing the growth track that we call Slick University, our 24-month curriculum to develop our mechanics in three key areas: competency, character and leadership.
  • I use Fleetio. How is Slick different?
    Fleetio provides a mobile application to help manage your fleet data. Slick’s TruView fleet automation platform does that BUT also ties into Slick’s network of in-house mobile service vehicles and private shops, which allows the automation of maintenance and repair - resulting in a ‘self-healing’ experience for the fleet - no other vendor in the nation offers this end-to-end service.
  • What do you need from me to get started?
    Getting started with Slick is easy. Choose your subscription (ORGANIZE, MANAGE or AUTOMATE) and simply send us your vehicle list (VIN, plate, and site assignment) to Our white glove concierge team will get you setup and trained. If you would like to talk further about what plan and services best serves your fleet and companies needs, just e-mail and one of our sales representatives will be in contact with you.
  • What types of fleet vehicles does Slick service with your mobile service vans and box trucks?
    We deliver our full suite of Preventative and Corrective Maintenance services to Class 1 - 4. We deliver PMI A only to Class 5-8. For reference:
  • We are a small company with no dedicated fleet manager, can Slick help?
    Yes. With the use of our TruView platform, your fleet’s maintenance and repair program can be fully managed and automated. Many of our small clients never hire dedicated fleet managers, relying solely on Slick and our TruView platform.
  • Where do you deliver services?
    In the cities and regions where we have Hubs and Mobile vehicles, we deliver services wherever our customers are located. We have delivered on city streets in cities like Boston, Seattle and San Francisco. We have delivered services at Corporate HQs across the country. We have delivered services at residential homes. We have delivered at prestigious properties like the Watergate Hotel in Washington DC. Our vans are built to deliver services in tight quarters. Our vans are engineered to be Eco-friendly and efficient. With proper approvals, we have found ways to deliver services in nearly every circumstance we have encountered since 2016.
  • I already pay my FMC for consolidated billing, can Slick still help me?
    Yes. You are welcome to retain that service with your FMC and our service charges will appear on that consolidated invoice. You may also choose to cancel that service because consolidated billing is included with TruView by default.
  • I lease my vehicles from an FMC can Slick still help me?
    Yes, Slick’s TruView platform not only compliments any FMC offering, but also frees you from the perpetual cycle of replacing vehicles every five years with a never-ending lease payment. Our Managed Services can extend your vehicle’s life by at least 2 years, saving you thousands of dollars, maximizing your fleet asset usage and helping you retain your assets resale value. Slick will process all service events through your FMC.
  • Can we use our telematics?
    Slick is telematics agnostic so yes. We are technology experts and have our own software developers, so building API's with any telematics provider who allows it something we do very well. If you need recommendations as to which telematics providers might be best for your company, we are happy to point you in the right direction and make connections for you.
  • I work for an FMC, where do we fit in?
    TruView pairs well with all FMCs. Please contact us at to discuss commission rates and processes with a member of our team.
  • How do 3rd party shops get paid?
    If Slick is your FMC, all 3rd party shops will be billed via AutoIntegrate. If you use another FMC, Slick will process all jobs via that FMC’s payment mechanism (usually AutoIntegrate as well).
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