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Private shops & Parts warehouses

Shops are crowded.  Supply chain is chaotic with major part delays.  Reliable labor is in short supply so delivering consistent quality is difficult for your average shop.  The sole focus of Slick's managed services is fleets which enables us to focus on their unique needs and to deliver consistent quality work in a timely fashion.

Parts Warehouses

Every Slick market has a HUB.  HUBs are 2,000 - 6,000 sqft drive-in warehouses that serve as restock points for our mobile units.  All mobile units are garaged securely at a HUB when not in use.

Strategic vendors have 24x7 access to our HUBs, so parts and supplies can be replenished passively and constantly.

Slick Hub
Slick Hub

Private Shops

Our next generation Hubs contain lifts, tire machines and body shop bays for expanded service offerings.

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