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Slick's Optimization Platform

Slick’s TruView platform is compatible with every Fleet Management Company, is 100% shop agnostic, available nationwide, and can integrate with all 3rd party asset management platforms such as telematics and fuel cards.


Manage all of your fleet data in one place - assets, sites, service records and even vendors. Also included is click-to-order Slick Mobile services (services charged separately). Let one of our mobile teams come to you during off hours or at the job site so you don’t lose valuable time.


All Slick Mobile jobs include job videos, pictures and reports at no additional cost. Future service events can be automatically triggered by AI-predicted odometer readings -also included with your subscription.


Building on the benefits of the ORGANIZE package, the MANAGE service level adds APIs and National Shop to your TruView experience. APIs allow customers to combine data from multiple sources, such as OEMs, telematics, fuel cards, and time clocks to create uniquely valuable business views and business rules. Slice and dice your data to expose opportunities or problems with your  fleet which are costing time and money - even set rules to automatically report on these violations. Plus, many of these APIs are included with your MANAGE subscription at no additional charge including: OEM service schedules, AutoIntegrate (for streamlined shop approvals), WEX, Slack, Verizon Connect, Geotab, Samsara and Tangerine.

National Shop means you can use any shop you want to service your fleet, and their service records will automatically flow into TruView - saving you time on data entry. Furthermore, national chains’ approval processes happen within TruView, thereby eliminating annoying approval phone calls and delays. Best of all, you will receive a single itemized invoice each month that includes every service

Slick Fleet Work Flow and Triggers

from every vendor for that month - paying for your fleet maintenance could not be easier!

Each MANAGE subscription includes our Concierge Onboarding and Account Relationship Management programs so our teams will carefully onboard your assets, set up initial rules and coach you through the use of the TruView platform. These programs operate out of our 24x7 Network Operations Center (“NOC”), which is US-based and staffed by Slick employees.

  • 100% nationwide shop coverage (national chains, independent, Slick mobile service) - use any shop you want!

  • Single monthly statement

  • Pro-actively scheduled service events

  • NOC-negotiated approvals - staffed 24x7 with certified representatives

  • Slick-branded garages in many markets for same-day service

  • Comprehensive reporting with subscription options

  • Free vehicle steam clean with all Slick services

  • Central repository for all service records

  • Shareable photos and videos of all jobs

  • Independent ERT validations

  • Free integrations including: WEX, telematics and Slack

  • Comprehensive reporting with subscription options


If you prefer to have an all-inclusive service, then our SLA-backed AUTOMATE subscription is right for you. Whether your vehicles are within warranty or out of warranty, this program has you covered - unlimited oil changes, tire replacement, brakes and even engines.

Slick Service Level Agreement

Did you know that the average  fleet replaces its vehicles every  five years, but if the life of each vehicle could be extended by just two years, fleets could save over $25,000 per vehicle while maximizing the assets resale value through proper and

complete maintenance.


So say goodbye to surprise expenses, cost overruns, perpetual lease payments, and shift fleet risk to Slick by considering AUTOMATE, Slick’s premier managed services. By leveraging multiple triggers, Slick is able to predict service needs and automate the remediation of those services via our mobile service teams - all for a fixed monthly price per vehicle.


AUTOMATE delivers a self-healing experience by having the shop come to you to perform maintenance and repairs during off-hours and without your assets leaving their location.


You may also visit one of our private-label garages or any shop of your choosing. Our garages, partners and mobile teams are staffed with trained and skilled technicians and mechanics who get the job done correctly and on the first try - and can perform complete PMs and repairs on all makes and models - 24x7x365.


  • Packages includes all preventive maintenance items (parts, labor and fees)

  • Packages include all major repair items (engines, transmissions, etc.)

  • Self-healing fleet maintenance via Slick mobile services - scheduled automatically!

  • Nationwide roadside assistance included

  • Packages includes free steam cleaning with every visit (where available)

  • Vendor agnostic - use any vendor you want

  • Slick Mobile service available in most markets 24x7

  • Extend the life of your fleet vehicle - saving thousands of dollars per vehicle

  • Fixed pricing

  • Creates a complete service history and retain your vehicle’s value


Each AUTOMATE package subscriber shall contribute the quantities shown below, per contract year, into a service pool that any of your subscribed vehicles may draw from. No overages are incurred unless the pool reaches zero. Pool is tracked in real-time within TruView.


  • Overages are billed at cost+20%.

  • Inspections 3

  • Oil Changes 3

  • Tire Rotations 3

  • Cleanings 3

  • Brakes 0.4

  • Tires 2

What’s not included with AUTOMATE: required repairs discovered during initial on-boarding inspection, fuel, loaner vehicles, towing (outside of roadside tows), 3rd party subscriptions (ie. telematics), detailing, rideshare reimbursement, lost time, repairs due to negligence, repairs due to ignoring Slick recommendations or scheduling, non-fleet grade tires, non-fleet grade parts, not required repairs, non pre-approved repairs. 


Do you have more frequent repair needs or do you require a larger repair count pool?

Contact us at for a custom plan.

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