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Slickster Highlight | E.J.

Every Slickster is a W2 employee who is properly trained to deliver our full suite of services. Slick scouts, hires, trains and invests in each employee developing them as leaders and doing our best to put them in positions to maximize their potential for our success. Our technology is impressive, but we maintain high customer satisfaction by having the best blue collar workforce in the market.

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Steam Cleaning

Advantages of Slick's steamer technology versus traditional detailing methods

Most mobile detailers carry – a pressure washer, 100-gal water tank, waste-water tank, wash mat, water reclamation system, air compressor, 2000-watt generator, two dozens chemical bottles, piles of rags, among a few other items. Not Slick!

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Antiviral Disinfectant Steam Solution

Slick's industry leading antiviral disinfectant steam solution (ADS)

ADS is a mobile disinfection service that combines a CDC-approved Coronavirus antiviral disinfectant with steam extraction to provide ubiquitous effectiveness for both hard and soft surfaces. ADS stands for Antiviral Disinfectant + Steam and is Slick’s unique and powerful 2-phase approach to killing the Coronavirus that causes COVID-19.

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