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Managed Services for [Fleets]

Slick is a managed services provider, delivering nationwide green solutions
via our software-driven field force.

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TruView is Slick's proprietary operating system.

It is a robust, mobile-friendly web interface with
multiple integration options including API,
webhook, and simple spreadsheet ingestion from 3rd party platforms. Dispatching and scheduling
may be performed within this system, as well as
ticket resolution via workflow manipulation, from
Slicksters in the field.

TruView can be integrated with all major OBDII telematics devices as well as mobility platforms.

Steam-based Reconditioning

Slick's EPA-friendly steam and disinfectant services are designed to deliver optimal results within the shortest possible time and while using minimal resources.

Corrective Maintenance

Slick's mobile
corrective service brings precision tire mounting and balancing as well as complete brake and other services to the point of need, enabling your asset to return to production faster.

Preventive Maintenance

Slick's mobile PM services is the best way to perform scheduled maintenance on your fleet. How? By maximizing asset availability and minimizing driver idle time.


Slick's mobile fuel delivery eliminates driver idle time spent at the gas station.

Professional Services

Every Slickster is a W2 employee who is properly insured to perform valuable tasks including: in-fleeting, de-fleeting, relocations, rebalancing, EV-charging, technology installations, and vehicle upkitting.

Choose Your Plan

Slick's Managed Proactive Fleet Services

Realize the value of fixed op-ex, automated scheduling and mobile delivery

Starting Point -- Software & Portal
Manage your fleet with TRUVIEW
//monthly per vehicle
Simple web interface
Manage your fleet inventory, maintenance, telematics and fuel card spend all in one place
Virtual glove box for centralized documentation management
Single consolidated monthly
shop invoice
Use any shop you want--nationwide!
Maintenance and exception alerting
Simplified shop approvals
Automated PM scheduling
Integrated OEM service schedules
and recall alerts
Insightful dashboard
Customizable driver inspections
...and much more!
Add UNLIMITED Maintenance
Use TRUVIEW to schedule recurring maintenance.
//monthly per vehicle
Onsite service Free!
Full synthetic oil changes Unlimited   
Tire rotations Unlimited   
 Fluid top-offs
National coverage
Automated scheduling
Job photos & videos
Service record updates
Use any vendor you want
After-hours and weekend service
*A la carte PMs starting at $89 per event
Coordinate repairs using TRUVIEW.
//monthly per vehicle
Onsite service Free!
ALL manor and minor repairs Unlimited
Engines Unlimited
Transmissions Unlimited
Tires Unlimited
Brakes Unlimited
Batteries Unlimited
National coverage
Automated scheduling
Job photos & videos
Service record updates
Use any vendor you want
After-hours and weekend service
*A la carte tires starting at $59 per tire (labor only)
*A la carte brakes starting at $149 per axle (labor only)
    Already have a Fleet Management Company?  
No problem. Slick's PM and Repair Services are approved by all major FMCs including: Enterprise, Wheels/Donlan, Michelin, Fleet Response, and Holman
 Already have a telematics provider?
TRUVIEW is compatible with all major telematics platforms including: Geotab, Samsara, Verizon, GPS, AT&T and Tangerine
ADS Services Highlight

Slick is GREEN.

Slick believes that the conscious use of natural resources and time must live in harmony with efficiency and value for our customers, our team and our planet.

Slick Sustainability Statement


Our reconditioning vans are equipped with mounted steamers which do not produce runoff.

Recycle & Upcycle

100% of our job byproducts are recycled or upcycled.

Vacuum Capture

Our patent pending oil handling system vacuums all used oil into onboard steel tanks mounted within our service vans.

Fully Synthetic

To minimize our reliance on fossil fuels, Slick only uses fully synthetic motor oils.

Reduced Fuel Consumption

We come to you and deliver a full suite of products including oil changes, tires, brakes, sanitization etc for multiple vehicles in a single service event.

> 18,000 lbs
Annual Co2 Emmissions Savings

Even a 100-200 vehicle fleet can have a massive impact on their carbon footprint by switching to Slick.

48 lbs
An Adult Tree Absorbs up to 48 lbs of Co2 per year

A 100-200 vehicle fleet requires 375 trees just to offset the CO2 emissions caused by using traditional brick and mortar shops...per year!

Percentage that refined oil can lower Co2 emmissions

Slick upcycles 100% of its used oil to become re-refined oils and other reusable products thereby contributing to a product with no "end-of-life."

The Future

Slick continues to identify and drive creative ways to reduce our own carbon footprint. We introduced our first electric tire changing system in 2020 and are on schedule to launch our first electric oil handling system in Q1 2021.

Your Time is Most Valuable
Founded in 2016
1,000,000+ Service Events
75+ Team Members
Hubs in Washington DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Providence, Boston, Detroit, Fort Wayne, Columbus, New Orleans, Little Rock, Bentonville, Denver, San Francisco, & Seattle

Frequently Asked Questions

My fleet has unique requirements, can I still work with Slick?

Absolutely! E-mail your basic requirements to info@helloslick.com and our account management team will follow up to customize a plan for you.

Can Slick work with my Fleet Management company?

Absolutely! We have established relationship with the majority of FMCs including: Element, Enterprise, Donlen, ARI, Leaseplan, and Fleet Response. If your FMC is not included in that list, we are happy to engage with them and establish a relationship.

Does Slick have a job minimum?

No! Our systems and processes allow us to schedule and service vehicles in a financially responsible way regardless of the number of jobs at a particular location.

Still have a question? Contact us.

“Slick is the best business partner we have ever experienced.”

chief Operating Officer

“I had no expectations of the technology you were about to show me on this call and you completely blew me away. The thing I love about your company is you are not just providing services, you are helping us solve problems.”

Vice President - Car Share Company

"Slick leverages the best technologies and spares no expense to deliver a consistent customer experience. They are the best at what they do!”

Fleet Manager
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