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Optimizing Operations for {Fleets}

Slick establishes a predictable, repeatable maintenance rhythm to optimize your fleet without distracting your team

Here is how we do it:


Software To Organize, Alert and Automate

TruView is our web-based portal for asset management and business logic with powerful third party integrations (telematics, AI, service history, fuel card data, runtime, OEM service schedules) and insightful onsite inspection data from our mechanics.

Software as a Service
TruView by Slick


Trained Mechanics To Inspect and Resolve

With Slick's in-house workforce we proactively discover issues and resolve them quickly and efficiently with our 24x7 nationwide mobile maintenance and repair team.


Mobile Service Vehicles to Maximize Efficiency

Slick Corrective Maintenance Box Truck Onsite Fleet Service Vehicle
Slick Gas Truck Onsite Fleet Service Vehicle
Slick Reconditioning Van Onsite Fleet Service Vehicle
Slick Preventative Maintenance Van Onsite Fleet Service Vehicle

We fabricate and engineer our own fleet of service delivery vehicles empowering our teams to deliver and resolve your fleet's maintenance issues in the most efficient manner.  

Slick Hub


Private Shops and Parts Warehouses To Eliminate Downtime

With reliable labor in short supply, supply chain issues, the shop is not reliable and often costly for a business that needs their fleet available every shift.  Avoid these pitfalls with Slick's private, rapid-repair shops and parts warehouses.

So how much is the "old way" of maintaining your Fleet actually costing you?


Shop Cost

The price you're getting charged for the actual work.

Driver opportunity Cost

The expense of having your driver do something other than produce revenue

Lost Revenue

The cost to your business because your vehicle cannot be utilized due to a service or maintenance event


Efficiency Cost 

Time and revenue that becomes unachievable due to vehicles being serviced in a "one vehicle to one shop" linear repair cycle.  (Unlike onsite mobile which is one to many)

Maintenance Management 

The cost of "Management" to coordinate a service event with the driver, shop and follow up to ensure it was performed, gather necessary proof of work, update service records, etc.

It costs you more than you realize to continue doing it the old way.

Getting STarted with Slick is Simple

Slick’s onsite, after-hours, all-inclusive, 100% mobile, managed maintenance offering provides for a worry-free, automated way to manage your fleet so you and your team can focus on the "main thing" without distraction.

Number 1

Upload your Fleet Vins

Help us understand the composition of your fleet.

Number 2

Choose service 

Our Sales and Admin teams will walk you through the onboarding process asking questions about the level of service you desire (ORGANIZE, MANAGE, AUTOMATE, CUSTOM) and the services you want to include in your services bundle.  

Number 3

Slick Goes to 

Slick launches managed services within one week of sign-up if you are in a market we currently service.  Slick launches new markets within 60 days.  

Download A Case Study

Engage the Slick Sales and Onboarding Team

Thanks! We’ll be in touch within 12 hours.

Brands That Choose Slick

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"Having worked with your team for four years, your people are amazing.  They simply execute."

USPS, Manager

"We've spent $1,000,000s of dollars trying to solve what you guys simply do."


"Slick is THE missing piece for Fed-Ex contractors by the grace of God I found you guys."

Amazon, DSP

"Finding high-quality, pro-active on-yard maintenance providers that can perform full service is impossible.  Then, I found Slick!"

pest Control Owner

"You guys are @#$#$$# amazing!"

Hubs from Coast to coast

Private.  Rapid-repair.  Parts Warehouse.  Dedicated Team.

Every Slick market has a HUB (2,000 - 6,000 sq ft drive-in warehouses) that serve as restock points for our mobile units.  Strategic vendors have 24x7 access to our HUBs, so parts and supplies can be replenished passively and constantly.  Next generation HUBs contain lifts and tire machines for expanded, all-in service offerings.

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