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Uptime Calculator

Because time is money and efficiency equal profits and margin.

Cost Calculator

Think through these questions.

As it relates to your fleet...

  • How many vehicles do you have? 

  • How do you maintain them?  

  • How many hours/days a year are your vehicles unavailable because of maintenance?

  • Are your employees spending time in the process of maintaining your fleet?  What does that cost you? 

As it relates to your technicians...

  • What are the most strategic things your employees can be doing?  

  • Are you in the business of managing a fleet or servicing your customers?  

  • What do you pay your technicians/employees?

  • What is your billable rate per technician/employee?  

  • How many hours a year are lost because your technicians/employees are managing the fleet and not servicing your customers?  

As it relates to your business...

  • ​What if your fleet activities are putting off valuable data allowing your team to more effectively manage operational efficiency? 

  • What if Slick were able to give you a "scoreboard" that allowed you to increase efficiency by 40% per shift?

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