E.J.  grew up in Sacramento, California. School was always a struggle for him as his ADHD made it difficult for him to focus and excel in school. Big books, long lectures with traditional tests and quizzes were never his thing! But at a young age, E.J. found something that allowed him to naturally channel his energy and organize his time, working on cars. His uncles were always "mod'ing out" their cars and E.J. would tag along with them, watching, helping, learning and ultimately developing a passion for fixing them.

It was a classic example of mentoring by example.

E.J. says, "My most memorable experience and when I knew I had a special gift to be a mechanic happened when I was 11 years old. My mom blew a head gasket in her car and my uncles weren't around to fix it for her. My mom needed her car, so I knew I had to fix problem on my own. The good news is I had seen my uncles replace a head gasket. So I racked my brain to remember everything they did and launched into the project. Amazingly, I fixed my mom's car for her by myself! I was so happy to be able to help my mom using my skills set in that way."

E.J. heard about Slick when a former co-worker who now worked for Slick reached out to him letting him know that Slick was looking for a talented, mechanic in the Northern California region.

And the rest is history.

"I love working at Slick because it gives me a sense of purpose. It's a great place to work. Every day is different. Every day brings a new challenge from working on customer's fleet vehicles to interacting with different people, to fixing steamers, generators and our own Slick vans. I've grown so much as a person, professional and leader since joining the Slick team and been given opportunities that I never thought I would have at this point in my career. I feel very blessed." E.J. said.

Paul Gillmore, President of Slick says, "At Slick we believe one of our key competitive advantages is our people whom we affectionately call, Slicksters. Our mission is to assemble one of the greatest group of "blue collar" workers in the world, so we spend a great deal of time investing in and creating a culture of execution driven by leaders that we have developed internally. In hiring, we look for skilled, high character people who would be fun to work alongside. And from there we invest in them doing everything we can to maximize their potential for their benefit and the success of Slick. We feel blessed whenever we find someone like E.J., a humble, skilled young man who is going to help Slick accomplish it's mission."

If you are interested in joining our team, we'd love to talk to you. We are hiring in all markets across the country.

E-mail: info@helloslick.com