Slick Technologies, LLC (“Slick”) was founded in 2016.

We are a technology company with a mission is to be the worldwide leader in managed fleet care. Slick is headquartered in Maryland and serves the markets of New England, Mid-Atlantic, Great Lakes, Northern California, Southern California and the Pacific Northwest. Slick doesn’t ‘give away’ services for market-share, hoping to one day be rescued by outside money.  Slick doesn’t rely upon outside money to survive. We are disciplined and focused on bringing real value to our customers who we consider our partners enabling all parties to increase profits in a mutually beneficial relationship.

Slick will be in most major US markets by 2025.

TruView (“TV”) is Slick’s in-house operational management platform.  It boasts impressive features including API integrations (consume and write), reporting, asset tag scanning, multi-view calendar, GPS tracking, custom workflow/assembly line style, hi-def photo processing, ticket mapping and ERT tracking.  It serves as the controller for all Slick Field Services and staff.  TV is perfectly situated to be an integration exchange peer with our partners.

The Slick Field Service stack includes: fleet operations management (stand-up/in-fleeting/ administration/QA), in-field reconditioning (cleaning/sanitizing/disinfecting), in-field refueling/recharging (curbside/station-based), in-field maintenance (preventive/corrective), in-field inspections, rebalancing, relocating and 3rd party interactions (tow/law enforcement/insurance/shop/etc.)

Managed Vehicle Care
(“MVC”) Services packages Slick’s full suite of valuable Field Services into a fixed price per vehicle per month.  It is administered with TV and offers a dynamic point system which gives customers control over how much of each Slick service is needed per month while eliminating cost overruns, resource shortages and overtime.  Point spread can even ebb and flow across different service types as customers’ business needs change.

Slick is being built by technology veterans who understand the managed services space.  Slick’s CEO, Joe Manzari, founded and bootstrapped Industry Retail Group/IRG (2004), a managed services provider for some of the largest retail chains in the country including: Estee Lauder, Urban Outfitters, Wendy’s, Aaron’s, Burger King, Macaroni Grill, Mattress Firm and Nationwide Insurance.  Paul Gillmore, Slick’s President, was IRG’s VP of Sales.  Mike Lardieri, Slick’s CFO, was IRG’s VP of Finance.  Matt Klaiber serves as Slick’s counsel - the same role he played at IRG. IRG built a reputation of high quality services and detail-oriented customer care, while besting some of the largest competitors in the space (AT&T, Verizon, Comcast) on its way to a $50M+ strategic buyout by Vector Security in 2013. 

Slick’s leadership team is bringing its lessons-learned from IRG to Slick and is building the dominant, most sustainable player in the managed vehicle care space.  

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