Who is Slick?

Slick is a technology company offering a modular service platform designed to deliver contactless, managed vehicle care for fleets. Our mission is to be the worldwide leader in managed vehicle care for fleets. By the nature of our delivery and business model we increase asset utilization, eliminate frustration, increase profits and keep your employees safer.

Since our founding in 2016 we’ve elected to remain privately-held and self-funded, while being a staunch proponent of growing from within (as opposed to through acquisition) as we believe it the ideal basis for measured growth without compromising quality of personnel and services.  Slick carries no long-term debt except to our Founder.  100% of Slick shareholders are involved with the business.  Slick is headquartered in Maryland and serves the markets of New England, Mid-Atlantic, Great Lakes, Northern California, Southern California and the Pacific Northwest.  Slick is financially healthy while charging fair prices for valuable services.  Slick will never ‘give away’ services for market-share, hoping to one day be rescued by outside money, nor take outside money in order to survive.  Slick will be in most major US markets by 2025.

Our Technicians (“Slicksters”):

Every Slickster is a W2’d employee who has been background checked.  In order to be eligible to operate customer vehicles, Slicksters must have a clean driving record and be insured by Slick.  Every Slickster has graduated with 80 credit hours from Slick University. 

Our Platform:

TruView (“TV”) is Slick’s in-house operational management platform.  It boasts impressive features including API integrations (consume and write), reporting, asset tag scanning, multi-view calendar, GPS tracking, custom workflow/assembly line style, hi-def photo processing, ticket mapping and ERT tracking.  It serves as the controller for all Slick Field Services and staff

The Slick Field Service stack includes: fleet operations management (stand-up/in-fleeting/ administration/QA), in-field reconditioning (cleaning/sanitizing/disinfecting), in-field refueling/recharging (curbside/station-based), in-field maintenance (preventive/corrective), in-field inspections, rebalancing, relocating and 3rd party interactions (tow/law enforcement/insurance/shop/etc.)

Managed Vehicle Care Services packages Slick’s full suite of valuable Field Services into a fixed price per vehicle per month. It is administered with TV and offers a dynamic point system which gives customers control over how much of each Slick service is needed per month while eliminating cost overruns, resource shortages and overtime. Point spread can even ebb and flow across different service types as customers’ business needs change.

Our Service Fleet:

Slick's Service Vehicles

Slick builds its own service fleet.  Each of our vehicles’ layout is custom and proprietary.  Each vehicle is euro-styled and wrapped.  

Slick’s preventive maintenance vehicles are equipped with custom, patent-pending vacuum capture oil handling systems that are mounted on containment skids as an unnecessary but added precaution. This allows the used oil to be extracted via the dipstick tube or via a specialized drain pan.  The used or fresh oil is not handled by the technician because it is vacuumed into onboard steel tanks within the service vehicle and dispensed via automated digital dispensing systems.  100% of the used oil and filters we collect are recycled.  We use Mobil1 full-synthetic oil only. All systems within the van are electric powered.

Our corrective maintenance vehicles are equipped with onboard digital tire mounting and balancing equipment for precise and rapid results and we have national contracts with part distributors for speedy part delivery. Slick provides best-in-class tools for all of our mechanics.

Slick’s custom refueling vehicles are designed specifically to operate in dense urban markets and within tight quarters.  We’ve strategically decided to carry a single octane fuel in a 100 gallon DOT-compliant tank using a Weights & Measures-approved pump which is perfect for a mobility fleet.  Slick is also comfortable with refueling at stations, using client gas cards.

Each of Slick’s reconditioning vehicles have a water handling system, steamer, centralized mounted vacuum and internal power to deliver a steam-based clean, sanitize, or disinfecting with predictable results, quickly, each time. We steam every vehicle - not just upon request like our competitors! Each reconditioning event is delivered with precision and transparency.

Clean Green and Safer:

Our preventative maintenance vehicles are equipped with vacuum capture oil handling systems. This allows the waste oil to be extracted via a specialized drain pan.  The waste oil is not touched by the technician as it is vacuumed into onboard steel tanks within the service van.  Each of our vans is maintained with 100% full synthetic oil and follows its manufacturer’s specification for preventative maintenance items. 100% of the waste oil we collect is either recycled or upcycled.  100% of recyclable waste generated by our jobs is recycled or upcycled.  All non-recyclable waste is incinerated or disposed of by regulated entities.  The work zone is covered with specialized mats which are non-pervious on the underside and oil absorbent on the top side.  Slick will not perform jobs during weather which may increase the risk of spills or contamination.  Slick will not perform jobs in areas which naturally increase the risk of contamination.  The work zone is deconstructed in a specific way so that like surfaces touch and unlike surfaces don’t touch.  For instance, the oil absorbent top sides of mats are folded so that they are touching another oil absorbent top side during storage.  Slick partners with New Pig, the worldwide leader in industrial spill prevention and clean-up products.  New Pig is the chosen brand for premium auto retailers, utilities, telecommunication companies, and racing shops.  Slick has a lifecycle training program for all employees related to spill prevention, clean-up and reporting; and, every Slick warehouse and van is equipped with easily identifiable spill clean-up supplies.  Since our inception in January of 2016, Slick has never had an oil spill. All of the equipment in these vans are powered via electricity.

Our corrective maintenance vehicles reduce visits to shops, and allow for more timely repairs reducing the risk of breakdowns. 100% of the used tires are recycled. 100% of the rotors are recycled. All the equipment in these vans are powered via electricity.

Our refueling vehicles reduce visits to gas stations. They are equipped with break-away fuel nozzles, Weights and Measures approved fuel meter, appropriate placarding, bonding between service vehicle and target vehicle, fire extinguisher, spill kit and drip control.

Our reconditioning vehicles leverage steam which is EPA-friendly, requires no chemicals and is one of the best and most versatile cleaning mediums in the world. Steam is trusted to clean hospitals, commercial kitchens and laboratories. We’ve developed our own proprietary vehicles to bring the power of steam curbside to serve as the foundation for our vehicle reconditioning services.  Steam at 180 degrees, per the CDC, naturally sanitizes, and when paired with our CDC-approved and EPA N-listed antiviral, we create a powerful 2-pronged approach to disinfect against pathogens and viruses -  INCLUDING THE CORONAVIRUS.  

E-mail us at info@helloslick.com for a demo of our service offerings.