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Introduce New Benefits to Keep Your Assets Moving


Use Data to Create Your Efficiency Score ("E-Score")


Manage Your E-score with a Scoreboard


Track and report within a single pane of glass portal: TruView

Mobile services for maintenance
Operational workflows in TruView
Extended Vehicle Life
Private shops
Fuel Spend

Empowering your team to create focus and accountability around the most important lead measures that drive revenue and impress your customers.

TruView SaaS Fleet Management Platform
TruView SaaS Fleet Management Platform
TruView SaaS Fleet Management Platform
TruView SaaS Fleet Management Platform

Case Study

Company X is a services company.  They employ 85 technicians and have 75 vehicles across 12 markets from coast-to-coast.  They have been using Slick for mobile maintenance for the last 3 years and are happy customers.  The fleet manager felt like he was always fighting a weekly battle of maintenance and repair coordination which included managing a small spare pool and sacrificing company revenue for vehicle maintenance time.   Slick’s mobile service removed much of that headache. 


This same fleet manager wanted to experiment with Slick’s new TruView fleet automation platform to validate his fleet efficiency - which he thought was excellent.  However, the data showed that Company X was only billing 5 out of every 10 incurred labor hours.  Furthermore, much of that time was spent doing tasks not related to turning revenue, including fleet maintenance.  Using TruView, with its ability to correlate across multiple data sets, such as telematics, driver inspections, service history, and even their time clock app, this fleet was able to improve their efficiency by 40% taking their billable hours to 7 hours per every 10 hour shift.


Now, Company X relies on TruView to measure and maintain his fleet’s efficiency - their leading indicator of revenue - now the most important responsibility of the fleet manager.

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